The 2023-24 OKPromise application deadline has passed, and applications are no longer being accepted.  The 2024-25 application will be available in August.

Application Information

  1. To comply with the Federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and in order to submit an online application, the student must be at least 13 years of age.

  2. Since all correspondence is sent by email, you must have an e-mail address to create a user account and apply for Oklahoma's Promise. If you are a parent or guardian submitting applications for more than one child, you must create a new user account using a different e-mail address for the student. This is an application for a student. Please do not use the parent/guardian's name in the account creation screen. Remember: All correspondence to the student will be sent by email to the addresses entered.

  3. Please note that we do not have access to your username or password so write them down and store them in a safe place. When applying to Oklahoma's Promise, you are also creating an account with the website. You will be able to access your account with the same username and password.

  4. Read and agree to the program requirements on screen 1 of the online application.

  5. Complete and click on the SUBMIT NOW button at the end of the application. If you do not click on the SUBMIT NOW button, you cannot be enrolled in the program. Also, once you click submit, you will not be able to go back in and make changes to the OKPromise application.

  6. Any 2023-2024 application not submitted by the application deadline of July 1, 2024 will be removed from the system. Students who will be in the 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th grade in 2024-2025 will have to start a new application when it is available.

  7. The student and the parents/guardians will electronically sign the Application Submittal page showing that each has read and understands the requirements of the program and that the family income information is correct.

  8. Print and send the Application Confirmation page plus the income documentation to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Please upload it at here or mail it to the address listed below as soon as possible. This helps the OKPromise office match income documents with the correct student's application.

Attn: Oklahoma's Promise
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
P.O. Box 108850
Oklahoma City, OK  73101-8850
Oklahoma City area telephone: (405) 225-9152
Long distance/toll free: (800) 858-1840

— Last updated by Oklahoma's Promise on 7/1/2024 10:02PM PST

Contact Us

Attn: Oklahoma Promise
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
P.O. Box 108850
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-8850

(405) 225-9152
(800) 858-1840


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