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Resume Writing Entrepreneur

The working world is changing -- and employers expect job seekers to keep up with those changes. Resume writing entrepreneurs help job seekers create winning resumes that highlight their skills and also reflect current employment trends.

If you have a way with words and like to help people, you may find success in this field.

There was a time not too long ago when a resume was simply a list of a person's past jobs. Many employers just wanted to know where the job applicant worked before, how long they held the position and what they did.

The Internet has enabled job seekers to present their skills to companies all over the world. And employers can just as easily scour the job boards to find who appears to be the perfect fit for a current job opening.

Clearly, the competition is tough and applicants need to stand out. A professionally written resume can help them do that.

Online templates versus professional resumes

There is a difference between a professionally written resume and one created using those forms and templates that are so widely available.

"Access to online forms and templates have provided job seekers with basic resources to create their own resume," says resume writer Lisa Parker.

"As a professional resume writer, I stress to my clients that there is no wrong or right way to do a resume. However, the goal is to stand out above the other job seekers during the resume screening process."

Creating a standout, customized resume is the role that professional resume writers play in the job market. If you're good with people and possess strong writing skills, resume writing might be a good career choice.

Certification for resume writers

"If you are serious about starting a resume writing business, use the available resources to obtain a certification," advises Parker. The Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC) offers certification.

Founded in 1990, the PARW/CC was the first of its kind in the world. This organization leads the way in certifying resume writers, allowing them to display CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) after their names.

But certification isn't enough. In addition to the obvious writing abilities and experience required to get certified, professional writers require a large skill set. And continued education after certification is essential to keep up with employment trends and the specific needs of employers.

"Resume presentations continue to change with time," says Parker. "As the technology and employment industry evolve, the way a potential employer views a potential candidate also change."

And then there are the many needs of the job seekers themselves. These are your clients, and taking care of them requires a completely different set of skills.

Challenges and issues

"From a writing standpoint, the biggest challenge is helping a client identify their skills and then making those skills measurable," says Parker. "One of my recent clients said, 'I have never done anything really. I was just a waitress.' After a brief discussion the client was amazed to realize that she had actually accomplished quite a few tasks that we could incorporate into her resume."

Obviously, interview skills and patience rank among the required personal traits for resume writers. Being able to take notes quickly and having a knack for finding solutions to clients' needs are also important.

Running a business

On the business side, sales experience is critical. You are, after all, selling yourself and your services. Understanding how to market your business effectively is also beneficial. This could include writing advertising copy or designing ads.

You should also possess the basic skills required to run any business, like bookkeeping.

If you think this is a career you would like to explore, expect to work hard and price your services accordingly.

"There are many variables that must be considered when quoting fees for resume writing services," says Parker.

She points out that many things contribute to the financial success of a resume writer, including:

  • Quality of service
  • The results acquired through use of the final product
  • Customer satisfaction and referrals
  • Marketing techniques

Because resume writers are often self-employed and may work full time or part time, earnings are difficult to confirm. An hourly rate of approximately $30 on the low end offers a good starting point. Experience and consistent results for your clients may increase that figure significantly.


Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches
The first association of its kind in the world offers certification and promotes the industry

National Resume Writers Association
Offers certification, education and mentoring

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From eHow, a basic step-by-step formula for creating your own business.

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