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Advertising Account Planner

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Advertising account planners work with art directors and copywriters to create a piece of advertising.

Art directors make the ad visually appealing and copywriters create the words. It's the job of account planners to come up with a message that will mean something to the target audience. Account planners are the people who research, create and decide what the message of the ad will be.

Account planners work to create an ad that reflects what people are interested in.

"Account planning, if you boil it down to its essence, is really the customer representative in the agency," says Glenn Geller. He is a brand planner for an advertising agency in Dallas, Texas.

"[They consider] how people think, feel, act, behave, in order to take that information and translate it for creative teams," says Geller.

Because they want to create ads that will grab people's attention, account planners have to be students of culture. You'll succeed in this career if you're always observing the world around you.

"I actually don't separate my work from my life any more. It's one and the same thing because you have to be a student of this business to be really great at it," says Kevin Pfuhl. He works at an advertising agency.

In addition to always observing, advertising account planners generally work long business hours, starting early in the morning and extending into the early evening. They are often required to put in extra hours depending on the type of projects they are working on.

When conducting research for an advertising campaign, they can also be found outside of the agency setting, gathering information.

"If you're pitching or working on a beer account, you're going to want to spend time in bars and talking to people about why they choose the things they choose," says Geller.

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  • Long hours are common
  • Pay is based on performance
  • Marketing courses can be important


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