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Laser Printer Repair Technician

What They Do

Insider Info

Laser printer repair technicians fix laser printers when the finicky office machines break down. They install equipment, do preventive maintenance and correct problems. Some printer repairers service other office equipment. They make cable and wiring connections when installing equipment and work closely with electricians who install the wiring.

Laser printers use laser beams to produce an image with very fine dots. They create very detailed images, either text or pictures, with a print quality similar to the offset printing used to produce books and magazines.

"Learn before you start repairing," says Bob Adzima, a repair technician in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. "Learn enough to understand what the printer does and how it works. There are thousands of models of printers out there, but the concept is the same in all of them."

If you apply yourself, the basics of laser printers can be learned quickly, says Mitch Pilchuk, a repair tech with his own business in Virginia. "If you're interested, one weekend -- 16 hours worth of intensive training and workshops -- can get you started. You certainly won't be a jack of all trades, but you'll know the basics of laser technology."

Good eyesight and color vision are needed to inspect and work on small, delicate parts.

Because field repairers usually handle jobs alone, they must be able to work without close supervision. A pleasant personality, neat appearance and good communications skills are important.

Adzima puts in as many hours as necessary to get the job done. "I can have eight-hour days with a 40-hour week or I can work for 12 to 14 hours in a day."

The work of laser repair technicians involves lifting, reaching, stooping, crouching and crawling. Adherence to safety precautions guards against minor burns and electrical shock.

At a Glance

Fix the machines

  • You have to be able to work without supervision
  • Good eyesight and color vision are needed
  • Get some electronics training


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