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Driver and Safety Teacher Education


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Are you ready to show others how to hit the road -- safely?

Driving instructor Nahia Haddad remembers her training well. Classroom instruction involved learning how to teach the rules of the road, and how to teach students to deal with situations on the road.

"We'd learn how to deal with a topic -- for example, adverse weather," Haddad says. "What do I tell the students to do in case of adverse weather?"

After two weeks of classroom instruction, it was time to hit the road with an instructor. "We'd go out in the car and get trained for six to eight hours a day," Haddad says.

One thing she recalls from her on-road instruction is having to practice telling a student what to do in making a left turn at an intersection.

Instructors tell student drivers what to do in detail during lessons. In the training course, Haddad called out the instructions as she drove, with her instructor watching closely.

"I ask the student to make a left turn. First, is it allowed? Then -- check your mirror, check your side mirror, check left and right, shoulder check, steer hand over hand, recover," Haddad says. "Whatever the student has to be doing, they should be hearing it -- so [in training], whatever you're doing, you have to say it."

Haddad says one thing she likes about driving instruction is the short training period. There's no four or five years in college -- inside of a month or less, you can be on the road, teaching students and making money.

Whether you work for a driving school or start your own, you'll be reaping the rewards of driving instruction before you know it.


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